Vitenskapelig artikkel   2017

Leister, Wolfgang; Tjøstheim, Ingvar; Joryd, Göran; de Brisis, Michel; Lauritzsen, Syver; Reisæter, Sigrun

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Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, vol. 1, p. 1–13, 2017





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Printed: 2414-4088
Electronic: 2414-4088



Museums and science centres are informal education environments that intend to engage visitors with their exhibits.We present an efficient design process that allows an improved working relationship between museum practitioners, exhibition designers, and visitors. Its principles and a graphical representation are based on the Engagement Profile from previous work. Curators and designers evaluate the qualities of exhibits using the engagement profile while visitors inform the design process by answering a standardised questionnaire. Elements of the design process were evaluated using an educational game at the science centre Engineerium. This study was based on the responses from over five hundred visitors to the science centre. As an outcome, the science centre received valuable information of how to improve the exhibit. Further, one iteration of the design process was implemented in practice. First experiences show that our method will practically support the work of museum practitioners and exhibition designers.