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Muhammad Sarmad


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Publisher NTNU Trondheim, Norway

Johan Phan; Muhammad Sarmad; Leonardo Carlos Ruspini; Gabriel Hanssen Kiss; Frank Lindseth; Generating 3D images of material microstructures from a single 2D image: a denoising diffusion approach Scientific Reports, pp. 0 , doi: , 2024. Scientific article

Publisher Nature Portfolio

Muhammad Sarmad; Leonardo Carlos Ruspini; Frank Lindseth; SIT-SR 3D: Self-supervised slice interpolation via transfer learning for 3D volume super-resolution Pattern Recognition Letters, pp. 97 104 7 , doi: , 2023. Scientific article

Publisher Elsevier

Rabia Ali; Muhammad Sarmad; Jawad Tayyub; Alexander Vogel; Accurate detection of weld seams for laser welding in real-world manufacturing The AI Magazine, pp. 431 441 10 , doi: , 2023. Scientific article

Haroon Zafar; Muhammad Sarmad; Sulalit Bandyopadhyay; Functionalizing Nanoparticles for Applications in Biodiagnostics 2023. Lecture