Research centres

The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) is a research centre that conducts commisioned research. For over 70 years the institute has provided services beneficial services to society and created new value for clients and partners in numerous industries,

NR is the host of BigInsight, a centre for research-based innovation (SFI), and a partner in several other centres.


BigInsight logo. White background and blue font and graphics..

BigInsight is funded by the Research Council of Norway and fifteen partners. The centre started in 2015 and will operate until 2024.

BigInsight produces innovative solutions for key data-driven challenges facing our consortium of private, public and research partners, by developing original statistical and machine learning methodologies.

BigInsight contributes to competence and capacity building for the knowledge-based economy, towards a better and sustainable society.

The BigInsight Consortium

A white image with numerous brand logos featured. Partners featured: NR, The University of Oslo, The University of Bergen, ABB, DNB, DNV, Gjensidige, Hydro, Telenor, NAV, The Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten), Oslo University Hospital, Statistics Norway, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and the Cancer Registry of Norway.

We are also partners in a number of other research centres

Integreat is written in black font on white background.


Integreat’s main objective is to advance the standards of sustainable, precise, reliable and ethical machine learning. The centre integrates statistics, logic and machine learning in unique ways, resulting in the development of groundbreaking theories, methods and algorithms for the next generation of machine learning. This work will be instrumental in solving present and future challenges in science, healthcare and society.


Visual Intelligence logo. Black font on white background.

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence examines advanced deep learning methodologies for visual data analysis and delivers evidence-based solutions for our consortium of partners across innovation areas in medicine and healthcare, marine science, the energy sector, and Earth observation.

Climate Futures logo on white background. The logo spell Climate Futures in green font and there is a small green tree abouve the lettering.

Climate Futures

Climate futures are about understanding and calculating climate risk over anything from a period of ten days to 10 years. This SFI will co-produce better methods and practices for handling climate risk. The breadth of the consortium, which covers agriculture, aquaculture, renewable energy, shipping, insurance and risk management, among other things, shows that the need for these services is great.

CRIMAC is written in capital letters and blue font. Behind coloured graphs are visible. The colours are blue, green, yellow, pink and red.


CRIMAC is about improving and automating the interpretation of images from modern broadband acoustics on research vessels and fishing boats, using cruise and field research, artificial intelligence, drones and other technology.

Crimac (at

Blue NORCICS logo against white surface. "SFI Norwegian Centre for Cybersecurity in critical sectors" is written in blue font. Next to it, an illustration of a  person integrated into a shield is featured.


NORCICS’ vision is to contribute to making Norway the safest digitized country in the world, by improving cyber security and resilience in the critical sectors, through supporting research-based innovation.


Blue and yellow NorwAI logo against white background. "Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation" is written in blue font. Next to it a blue and yellow graphic of data nodes is featured.


The centre’s task is to develop theories, methods and technologies for
successful and responsible utilization of data-driven artificial intelligence, with
industrial innovations as a goal. In addition, the center will place special focus
on reliability and sustainability, all development i
the center will include results from interdisciplinary research activities
on societal impact and ethics, and privacy and security.

NorwAI (at