NR’s Master´s Prize

The Norwegian Computing Center’s (NR) Master’s Prize is awarded annually to the best master´s theses submitted in mathematics and ICT at the University of Oslo (UiO) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The prize was first awarded in 2009, and is a collaboration between NR, the Department of Mathematics (UiO), the Department of Informatics (UiO), the Department of Mathematical Sciences (NTNU) and the Department of Computer Science (NTNU). The awards are issued at UiO and NTNU respectively, and the juries consist of employees from the institutes involved.

By commending exceptional work, our objective is to motivate students to work hard and produce theses of a higher standard. Furthermore, as NR recruits most of its researchers from UiO and NTNU, we hope the award will incentivise more students to choose studies in mathematics and informatics in general.    

As of 2020, NR’s Master’s Prize consists of a diploma and a monetary prize of 40,000 NOK.

For more information, please read the full list of statutes below or visit to find out more about previous winners.

Statutes for NR’s Master’s Prize (NO)

Previous winners


  • Johannes Voll Kolstø, NTNU
  • Emil Haugen, UiO
  • Sarek Skotåm, UiO


  • Magnus Christie Ørke, NTNU
  • Ingrid Dæhlen, UiO


  • Amund Tenstad, NTNU


  • Camilla Lingjærde, UiO
  • Camilla Tran, NTNU


  • Bjørn Skauli, UiO
  • Joakim Skjelbred Misund, UiO
  • Yngvild Hamre, NTNU
  • Ulrich Johan Isachsen, NTNU


  • Martine Birketvedt Eklund, UiO
  • Seline Tomt, UiO
  • Jonas André Dalseth, NTNU
  • Erik Skrettingland, NTNU


  • Solveig Engebretsen, UiO
  • Aslak Wigdahl Bergersen, UiO
  • Bart Iver van Blokland, NTNU 
  • Sondre Galtung, NTNU


  • Claus Børnich, UiO
  • Jonas Irgens Kylling, UiO
  • Benjamin Andreassen Bjørnseth, NTNU


  • Lars Simon, UiO
  • Kristoffer Varholm, NTNU


  • Stein-Olav Hagen Davidsen, NTNU
  • Martin Jullum, UiO


  • Kristina Rognlien Dahl, UiO
  • Eivind Stordal, UiO
  • Anne-Cecilie Haugstvedt, NTNU


  • Geir-Arne Fuglstad, NTNU
  • Kristian Jonsson Moi, UiO


  • Maren Feragen, UiO
  • Nina Øystad-Larsen, UiO
  • Lester Solbakken, NTNU


  • Eivind Fonn, NTNU
  • Rune E. Jensen, NTNU
  • John Christian Ottem, UiO
  • Evgenij Thorstensen, UiO