Social responsibility

Business ethics

  • NR conducts its business so that partners, suppliers, customers and owners with rights to material used by NR can trust us.
  • All organizations and people are treated with courtesy, respect and equality.
  • NR opposes all forms of corruption and bribery.
  • NR’s accounting information is communicated correctly, in accordance with accounting standards and with transparency.
  • NR emphasizes fair competition.
  • Information about assignments is processed in accordance with the agreement with the client.

Research ethics

  • NR follows recognized standards for research ethics, including the processing of sensitive information and publication.
  • Environment
  • NR does not pollute the external environment.
  • NR emphasizes reducing environmentally damaging consumption, among other things by encouraging people to reduce travel, ensure that the building and fixtures are in good technical condition, make environmentally conscious purchases and have good waste management.
  • Employees
  • The employees are NR’s most important resource, and all employees are treated equally.
  • NR emphasizes that employees have good opportunities to develop themselves with both work in mind for NR and outside NR.
  • Emphasis is placed on having a good working environment where employees’ health is safeguarded and accidents are prevented.
  • Employees do not participate in the processing of cases where there is a personal special interest.

Community participation

  • NR’s vision is “Research that is used and seen”
  • NR’s main product is to carry out contract research for customers, e.g. Norwegian and international business, the public sector and national and international research programs.
  • NR and NR’s employees are active in society by publishing, participating in the public debate and in relevant associations.
  • NR is politically neutral.
  • Notification
  • NR has its own notification routines that safeguard anonymity.

Adopted by the Norwegian Computing Center’s board on 30.05.2013