The department has extensive experience with applied research science in the field of ICT.

Our activities include national and international cooperation with both public and private partners. Our expertise is mainly used in projects commissioned by private and public customers, the Research Council of Norway and the European commission.

In 2022, DART was restructured into three main research areas: Digital Security, Digital Inclusion, and Digital Transformation. Former research areas include smart information systems, smart sensors, e-learning, and formal systems. The research areas are arenas for scientific exploration and market discussions within their respective fields. Each researcher has one main affiliation with an area, while they are encouraged to also be involved in other areas. Projects should be organised so that more than one area is involved, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our three research areas are:

Digital Security: We have more than 20 years of experience in applied research and industrial development of digital security. We have developed several methods and tools that help system owners identify, design, operate and evaluate cost-effective security technologies. We offer a range of services including training, consulting, development, and analysis.

Digital Inclusion: Universal design and usability are integral to all our projects. We are particularly interested in developing solutions that work well across devices, situations, and that cater to diverse user groups. Our target groups are often the elderly and people with varying conditions, abilities and needs, and our work encompasses sensory, motor, linguistic and cognitive aspects. Our expertise in this area is unique in Norway.

Digital Transformation (formerly smart information systems): We research technologies and methods that support the digital transformation of products and services. By digital transformation, we mean fundamental changes to the ways that organisations work and what services they offer. These changes affect the entire organisation, including employees, processes, technology, and user experiences.

DART conducts contract research in selected computer science areas for both industry and the public sector, ensuring financial stability and a high scientific standard. We engage in research and collaboration projects in Norway and the EU.

Researchers are expected to organise their most of their work independently, with coordination from the research director. At present, the department comprises 15 researchers holding PhD degrees and two PhD fellows. Staff numbers in the department have remained stable.

Research areas

Selected projects