Digital security

At NR, we have more than 20 years of experience in applied research and industrial development of digital security. We have developed several methods and tools that help system owners identify, design, operate and evaluate cost-effective technologies for this area, and offer services such as training, consulting, development and analysis.

Our specific competence fields cover:

  • Adaptive security

We research adaptive security to enable organizations to continuously assess risk and automatically plan for mitigation measures in the past and in the right context, thus improving their ability to respond to current and future security risks.

Adaptive Security continuously collects and analyzes security-related data and incidents to protect against and adapt to known and unknown security incidents before they occur. It learns and adapts to changing environments while driving in the face of changing threats, anticipates threats before they occur, and
dynamically reconfigures the protection mechanisms.

NR has expertise in the development of adaptive techniques and algorithms that will predict and measure the risk of injury and adapt their decisions to these predictions.

Requirements specification, impact assessment, design and verification.

  • Safety

Requirements and risk specification / analysis, security architecture and design, data investigation, system and software analysis.

Research Centres

SFI NORCICS (Norwegian Centre for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors)


Selected projects