A framework for decentralised identity and consent management

MinDID is a pre-project that will establish a development framework for a decentralised identity and consent management component. This will be part of the data exchange system that VentureNet plans to develop into a larger project.

In addition to our overarching goal, we also aim to:

  • Ensure that the system remains independent and flexible by enabling the use of several commercial solutions for digital identity and consent management.
  • Minimise time and development costs by utilising existing methods and solutions.
  • Expand the system’s opportunities for growth by aligning with European initiatives, such as GAIA-X, FAME and Data Spaces.

User autonomy to select applications for identity, consent and storage

The MinDID component will let end-users select their preferred applications for managing identity, consent and data storage. The users will be able to seamlessly switch between different solutions without losing control or overview of their data and exchange settings. In turn, this will enable consortium partners to retain their customer relationships and data, even if customers switch applications for digital identity and consent.

Project: De-centralized identity and consent management for secure data exchange (MinDID)

Partners: N-ABEL AS and VentureNet

Funding: Regional Research Fund (RFF)

Period: 2023-2024