Our core competence is statistical-mathematical modeling, machine learning and language technology, which we use in many and to some extent different industries.

Services, transport and public administration are examples of industries or sectors. The applications can be very different, but a commonality is that our methodological toolbox always comes in handy.

We cover a wide range of applications, including forecasts, time series, network modeling, optimal delivery, logistics, optimal management of industrial processes, reliability analysis, cost studies and analysis of large data sets.

In addition to solving applied problems, we also research general method development.

Most activities are organised through basic funding and BigInsight.

Selected research topics

Anomaly detection is a research topic in growth. Anomaly detection is about observing and analysing large data sets over time, and identifying and classifying divergent behaviour.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) provides insight into how systems based on machine learning and artificial intelligence calculate predictions and make decisions. We have created eXplego, a digital toolkit, to ease navigation for developers working in this environment.

Technology and industry involves these research areas