In Norway, there is a law on equality and a ban on discrimination, with effect from 1.1.2020, which requires all Norwegian employers to work actively, purposefully, and systematically to promote equality and prevent discrimination. This work must be documented and carried out in collaboration with employees’ organizations. The annual report shall have an account of the condition and the measures that have been implemented.

Several of NR’s sources of funding, such as the Research Council of Norway and the EU framework program, have additional requirements to ensure equality and prevent discrimination. This plan satisfies Norwegian legal requirements and the requirements from NR’s sources of funding. Gender equality and equal treatment are also important in NR’s continuous work to improve our research, culture, and organization. This plan is therefore dynamic and involves implementing special measures if differences are discovered or otherwise deemed necessary.

Responsibilities and resources

NR’s management by CEO is responsible for following up the plan. The action points will be followed up by NR’s HR advisor and CEO in person. NR will provide the sufficient resources to implement the measures. NR is a small organization, and it is more natural to include equal treatment in the culture than to write comprehensive plans and set aside own people who follow up the plans full time.


 AdministrationResearch scientistsManagementBoard
Share of women67%23%40%28%

NR’s organization is so small that coincidences affect the numbers. For example, by 1.1.2020 the share of women on the board was 72%. NR’s gender balance also depends on the gender balance within a subject area. This is especially a problem in international technology recruitment. NR has eight employees from six other European countries and twelve employees from nine non-European countries.

NR provides equal treatment for both sexes and all minorities in recruitment, career development, pay and promotions and tries to avoid all types of bias. There are no reported conflicts or complaints about discrimination. Work environment survey from 2018 confirms a satisfactory workload. NR has the necessary expertise to work with gender equality and minorities.


  1. Ensure equal treatment of both sexes and all minorities in employment, career development, promotion and try to avoid all types of inequality.
  2. Try to achieve equal treatment of both sexes in all employment categories and boards.

Annual work plan

  1. Report statistics on gender in the annual report, to NR’s board, the Research Council of Norway, Statistics Norway, and other public bodies that request this. If the statistics are not satisfactory, the management will act to analyse the problem and ensure satisfactory development.
  2. Assess gender balance in all recruitment, career development and decision making.
  3. Monitor workload to ensure that it is satisfactory.
  4. Assess whether there is a gender issue in NR’s research and in the entire research within an area.
  5. Establish a working group if this is necessary to ensure gender balance in recruitment or career development.
  6. Have a clear and communicated NR statement that all persons shall be treated with respect and dignity.


  1. Focus on scientific quality in research.
  2. Equally treat all persons regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, and nationality.
  3. Try to achieve equal representation of both sexes in all employment categories, in management and decision-making. This includes employment and career development.
  4. Employees must have a satisfactory workload.
  5. Good working environment where all employees are treated with respect and dignity.
  6. NR is constantly working to further develop this culture.

Adopted by NR’s management 13.08.2021