NR’s methodological expertise proves to be useful in almost every aspect of society, providing solutions at individual, public and municipal level. We have extensive experience in finding the right methodology for the right problem – as simple as possible, but not easier!

Our methodological toolkit can provide contextual understanding and enable forecasting despite the presence of coincidence and uncertainty and, to a large extent, regardless of domain. We can also address area- or industry specific issues, such as offer decision support where geology is a crucial factor or perform analysis of natural languages. Other areas we are involved in are culture, education, democratic processes and participation in society. We often work closely with user-groups and public interest organisations who aim to develop inclusive citizen services.

A summer view from the Oslo Opera House facing the pink, historical building Havnelageret. There are people gathered in front of the Opera House.
Our methodological expertise can be applied to most aspects of society. Image: Unsplash

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