Digital transformation

We research technologies and methods that support the digital transformation of services and products.

By digital transformation we mean a fundamental change in the way that organizations work and what services they offer. This change affects the whole organization: employees, processes and technology, including user experiences. 

NR’s knowledge and expertise are aimed at exploiting the technological preconditions, challenges and possibilities of digital products and services, while at the same time understanding any limitations and how to avoid unfavorable consequences. 

Our research and development within digital transformation leads to new knowledge and new insights. Our customers use this knowledge for innovation, i.e. to make new products and services or to improve existing ones. Improved understanding of products and services also leads to improved understanding of application areas, market and target audiences. 

Support for Research and Development (R&D)

We offer: 

  • Carrying out research and development projects 
  • R&D leadership and support for innovation 
  • Develop ICT-solutions from concept to prototype 
  • Technological advice and assistance 
  • Project proposals, participate in public procurement, advice on R&D financing 
  • Planning and performing user surveys and user studies 

Examples of how our research is applied: 

Our research areas: 

  • Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and automatic planning 
  • Model-based and logical methods for describing systems and services 
  • Programming languages, domain-specific languages and virtual machines 
  • E-learning, ed-tech, and easy-to-read communication 
  • E-health and welfare tech 
  • Human-computer interaction 

Selected projects