Good health is essential for a good life for both humans and animals, and to understand the mechanisms of good health, research is needed. NR contributes to many research projects with its statistical expertise to promote better health.

Right now we are participating in the modeling of corona spread of infection together with the National Institute of Public Health, where the spread of infection models used is based on NR researcher Solveig Engebretsen’s PhD work. This work is absolutely fundamental for understanding where and how the spread of infection takes place in Norway.

One of the projects we have worked on the longest is the collaboration with the Department of Pharmacology and Mathematics at the University of Oslo, where we are looking at drug use in connection with Parkinson’s disease.

In general, NR has extensive experience in registry data research also in connection with, among other things, cancer drugs, anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills, antipsychotic drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, anticoagulants and drugs for heartburn, stomach ulcers and ulcers in the esophagus (proton pump inhibitors).

Health involves these research areas