Digitization-friendly regulations

Digitalization-friendly regulations is a cross-disciplinary project that combines methods from programming languages, knowledge representation and logic with legal expertise and technical knowledge of public roads.

In this project we look at chapter 5 of Forskrift om bruk av kjøretøy (Bruksforskriften) as an example of a legal text where law meets specialised professional knowledge. When the law incorporates detailed professional knowledge, the challenge is usually to clearly express the legal intention while also appropriately and correctly capturing the domain knowledge, the concepts and provisions.

The working hypothesis is that the field of informatics has valuable insights and experience that apply to this problem. 

Generic rules for new regulations

An overarching goal for the project is to develop generic rules and templates for simplifying and clarifying regulations or for writing new regulations. More particularly, the goal is to make concepts, terms, and prescriptive rules from Bruksforskriften “digitalization-friendly”, to develop a method for rewriting and simplifying regulations, and at the same time to demonstrate possibilities for automation and service development related to Bruksforskriften. 

Name: Digitalisation-friendly regulations

Partner: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Period: 2023