Privacy Matters

PriMa will train a next generation of researchers to define, investigate and implement solutions that ensure secure and efficient privacy protection whilst keeping the advantages of a digitalized society.

The PhD fellows in PriMa will work on the analysis of privacy risks stemming from the digitalization of society, the protection of privacy against these risks, and the impact assessment of proposed privacy protection solutions. 

NR’s two PhD fellows will work on these themes:

  • Identity provisioning in the cloud, privacy, security, and user experience when authenticating to services
  • Detecting privacy problems in software.

Both fellows will go on two 4-month secondments outside NR: with an academic beneficiary of the project and with a partner company. In addition, NR will host secondments for two fellows coming from other academic beneficiaries of the project. 

Project: PriMa

Partner: EU

Period: 2020-2023

Funding: Horizon 2020

Webpage for this project: