User requirements for the snow and land ice services - CryoLand

  • Eirik Malnes
  • Arild Buanes
  • Thomas Nagler
  • Gabriele Bippus
  • David Gustafsson

Publication details

  • Journal: The Cryosphere, vol. 9, p. 1191–1202, 2015
  • International Standard Numbers:
    • Printed: 1994-0416
    • Electronic: 1994-0424
  • Link:

CryoLand (2011–2015) is a project carried out within the 7th Framework of the European Commission aimed at developing downstream services for monitoring seasonal snow, glaciers and lake/river ice primarily based on satellite remote sensing. The services target private and public users from a wide variety of application areas, and aim to develop sustainable services after the project is completed. The project has performed a thorough user requirement survey in order to derive targeted requirements for the service and provide recommendations for the design and priorities of the service. In this paper we describe the methods used, the major findings in this user survey, and how we used the results to design and specify the CryoLand snow and land ice service.

The user requirement analysis shows that a European operational snow and land ice service is required and that there exists developed cryosphere products that can meet the specific needs. The majority of the users were mainly interested not only in the snow services, but also the lake/river ice products and the glacier products were desired.