Final report for the REDUS project - Reduced Uncertainty in Stock Assessment

  • Erik Joel Steinar Olsen
  • Sondre Aanes
  • Magne Tommy Aldrin
  • Olav Nikolai Breivik
  • Edvin Fuglebakk

Publication details

The REDUS project (2016-2020) has been a strategic project at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) aimed at quantifying and reducing the uncertainty in data-rich and age-structured stock assessments (e.g., cod, herring, haddock, capelin). Work was organized in four topical work-packages: Fisheries-dependent (catch) surveys and assessment modeling (WP1), Fishery-independent (scientific) surveys (WP2), Evaluating and testing of long-term management strategies (WP3), and Communication of uncertainty, dissemination of project results and capacity building (WP4). The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) was contracted in as a strategic partner in statistical modeling and analysis, contributing mainly to WP1 and WP2, but found the research of fundamental interest therefore also allocating internal (NR) funding to develop the statistical science base of several of the methods.