DUE avalRS: Remote-Sensing Derived Avalanche Inventory Data for Decision Support and Hind-Cast after Avalanche Events

  • Regula Frauenfelder
  • Kalle Kronholm
  • Rune Solberg
  • Siri Øyen Larsen
  • Arnt Børre Salberg

Publication details

Each year, snow avalanches hit populated areas and
parts of the transport network in the Norwegian
mountain regions, leading to loss of lives and the
damaging of buildings and infrastructure. We present
the results of a feasibility study on the operation of a
service providing the National Public Roads
Administration (NPRA) with hind-cast avalanche
inventory data on a local-to-regional scale during the
course of the winter season, and as soon as possible
after major avalanche events. We have explored the use
of imagery from high-resolution and very-highresolution
space-borne satellites applying manual
mapping and automated image segmentation.