Age estimation in youths and young adults. A summary of the needs for methodological research and development

Eikvil, Line; Kvaal, Sigrid Ingeborg; Teigland, André; Haugen, Marion; Grøgaard, Jens

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Publishers: Norsk Regnesentral

Series: NR-notat SAMBA/52/12

Year: 2012

FULLTEKST: http://publications.nr.no/1355995517/Age_estimation_methods-Eikvil.pdf

The aim of this paper is twofold. The first is to give an overview over the current state of the art and research challenges in the age estimation in youths and young adults. This implies a summary of the methods used for age estimation. The second is to give some national and European research programs and funding opportunities, and some international organizations in relation to the field of age estimation.