Norsk Regnesentral: 1952-2002 – an anniversary book

Norsk Regnesentral: 1952-2002 was published for the 50th anniversary of the Norwegian Computing Center in 2002. The book provides a detailed history of our organisational development, and includes articles about the institute’s contributions in a number of subject areas.

The cover of Norsk Regnesentral: 1952-2002. The book is purple and the font is dark blue and white. There are four images, two feature NR's previous and current office buildings and the other two feature NR's previous and current logo.
Caption: In 2002, NR published the book Norsk Regnesentral 1952-2002 for commemorate its 50th anniversary. Photo: Norsk Regnesentral / Norwegian Computing Center

The book accounts for NR’s development from a national computer centre to methodological institute, and from a service body under NTNF’s selection committee for mathematical machines to the independent research foundation we are today.

The book also features a number of articles about SIMULA; developments in quantitative methods; the development of computer technologies and data communications, and various perspectives regarding the conflict between NR and NTNF in 1968-1970. In addition, readers can enjoy articles about data technology in a societal context, sociality at NR, and a comprehensive overview of full-time staff up until 2002.

The book has contributions from almost 50 people, most of whom have been employees at the institute, and is richly illustrated.

Norsk Regnesentral: 1952-2002 costs NOK 200 (+ postage) and can be ordered directly from NR: or call (+47) 22 85 25 00


ISBN-10: 82-539-0493-2

ISBN-13: 978-8253904931

Publisher: NR

Publication date: 2002

Language: Norwegian Print length: 392 pages