uTRUSTit Deliverable D6.3 Design Iteration II – Evaluation Report

  • Marc Busch
  • Peter Wolkerstorfer
  • Christina Hochleitner
  • Trenton Schulz
  • Kristin Skeide Fuglerud

Publication details

1.1.1 This deliverable contains the results of the second evaluation phase of the uTRUSTit project that took place in a laboratory (at CURE), in a so-called living lab environment (at NR) and in an immersive virtual environment (at TUC) with overall N=87 participants. Subject of the evaluation was the so-called uTRUSTit Security Assistant and the accordingly developed interaction prototypes. The document focuses on research questions, methods that were used in the evaluations, the results and the conclusions that can be drawn out of the results. It gives clear implications on status of the Security Assistant developed in the uTRUSTit-project. Furthermore, a legal evaluation of the Security Assistant is performed.