A high Level Formal Language for Specifying Security Properties

  • Anders Moen Hagalisletto
  • Thor Kristoffersen
  • Olaf Owe

Publication details

In this paper we present work in progress to define a high level language for describing security properties, at the level of
specification. The language is formal, small and extensible. It should be easy to use, both for application programmers and for security experts. For convenience we divided it into a macro language denoted
SLSM (Spesification Language for Security - Macros), and a
definition language denoted SLSD (Spesification Language for
Security - Definitions). The former is intended for application programmers and can be considered as a library for the programmer specifying security properties for a given system. The latter is the language for defining the security properties as defined in Security Framework. The language we design is not restricted to the definitions made in Security Framework. It is extensible in the sense that it permits both refinement of concepts inside the language, as well as adding new concepts.