SoundVision D1.1: Project Vision Consolidation

  • Evgeni Mitev
  • Pancho Karamanski
  • Doroteya Dineva
  • Anita Nakova
  • Bjørn K Haugen

Publication details

  • Publisher: ScaleFocus AB

The purpose of the D1.1 "Project vision consensus" document is to strengthen the common understanding of the project vision and the overall aims and objectives of the project.
SYNERGIA leads the process of creating this document, ensuring the end result be aligned with the needs of the visually impaired people. All partners contribute with valuable information so that the document gathers data and user needs specifications for all European countries.
The Project Vision document will contribute to the work in all other tasks in the project.
The Vision consensus document defines the basic and common understanding of the activities to be carried out in the project SoundVision, including a conceptual definition, planning and further documentation of the new technologies and products.
The goal of this deliverable is to set the conceptual purpose of the project, thus answering the general question why a new product development of device for blind and partially sighted people is needed. It will be used by all partners to stay on the same page throughout the entire project as well as involving the target audience of people with visual impairments in the process of creating the best technical solution in line with their everyday needs.
To achieve this goal, this Project Vision Consensus Document provides information about the following key points:
- Definition of constrains and limitations
- Real-life use cases of the planned devices by visually impaired and blind people
- Integration between the overall goals of the project and the defined constraints and limitations.
- Description of devices
- Stakeholders and users