The school of the future: Inclusive use of eXtend Reality (XR)

The main goal of this project is to identify and research the learning effects of using XR technology in schools, practical barriers for students with disabilities and varying abilities, as well as solutions for said barriers to support the successful implementation of XR technology in schools. In the project, we will research the learning effects of using a pop-up science book augmented by interactive AR content called “Ludenso Explore”.

Moreover, we will identify barriers that students with sensory and cognitive disabilities might encounter when using AR in the classroom, as well as research concrete and practical solutions for the identified barriers. In this project, NR is working with Ludenso AS, a startup company for immersive technologies located in the Oslo Science Park. 

Students sitting inside the classroom while using their smartphone to enhance their experience of traditional school books with Augmented Reality (AR). Photo by Pixabay

The project aims to make XR technology more accessible for use in Norwegian schools, while at the same time contributing to international research about the universal design of XR technology in general.

The project aims to

  • identify concrete positive and negative learning effects of XR technology for education,  
  • investigate barriers to XR technology for students with disabilities or varying functional abilities, and 
  • identify possible solutions to overcome these barriers. In addition, the project will map best-practice examples of common problems in XR technology. 

The results of this project can be used by teachers, educators, and other school employees in the municipalities who aim to establish XR projects at their schools, as well as software developers and XR producers to create more inclusive accessible and usable XR content. Lastly, the results can help user organizations and authorities to monitor the adequate universal design of existing and future XR content in education. 

Project results will be published on this page. 

Name: The school of the future: Inclusive use of eXtend Reality (XR)

Partners: Ludenso AS

Period: 2022-2023

Funding: The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir)