Our vision is to carry out research and development that leads to new and better methods for remote sensing within environmental and climate monitoring, and mapping and monitoring of natural resources for applications in public authorities and private organizations.

NR has been a leader in earth observation since Norway began to focus on satellite and remote sensing in the 1980s. The main focus since then has been to create methodologies and algorithms for analysis of remotely measured data from satellites, aircraft and drones.

Earth observation satellites have given us unique opportunities for fast and repetitive mapping and monitoring of the entire world. For decades, satellites have provided information about land, sea and atmosphere, as well as human activity, on a daily basis. At first in rough resolution, but now we are approaching a stage where you map the entire globe every day with about one meter resolution. With airborne instruments, you achieve image resolution down to a few centimeters. With drones, one can observe specific areas and objects with a resolution of millimeters.

NR has extensive experience in determining geophysical and biological variables with algorithms that analyze optical data, data from microwave sensors and through the fusion of data from several types of sensors. Over the last ten years, artificial intelligence, and in particular deep learning, has increased the potential for remote sensing in an increasing number of applications. NR took an early leading position in this field.

Industries involving earth observation