The climate is changing. Warmer temperatures, changes in precipitation levels and patterns and extreme weather events are already affecting health, the natural environment and the economy.

We work interdisciplinary with researchers at universities and other research institutions, and with experts in private and public companies, towards a climate-resilient society, in both national and international projects.

We develop methodologies and algorithms for analysis of remotely measured data and other image data. We use statistical modelling and machine learning to describe and predict processes in the climate system and the natural environment, and phenomena that are affected by these. A recurring theme in our work is precise quantification of the associated uncertainties for risk assessment and decision support.

A glass ball on a black rock. A pool of water, green vegetation and a mountain serve as a backdrop. The sky is blue.
We use statistical modelling and machine learning in our work towards a climate-resilient society. Image: Unsplash.

Climate and environment involves these research areas

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