Areas involved:

We cover a wide range of applications, including risk modeling, time series analysis, price prediction and explicable artificial intelligence.

In addition to software development, we provide consulting, quality assurance and training. Our core competence is statistical-mathematical modeling and machine learning. The challenge is often to find the simplest, yet correct, method of the problem, in close collaboration with our customers. In addition to solving applied problems, we also have a focus on general method development. These activities are mainly organized through basic financing and Big Insight.

Below we have listed some of the issues we have worked on in this center that are relevant to finance and insurance:

  • Credit scoring using deep learning on transaction data
  • Detection of money laundering using machine learning
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence (X-AI)

Big insight

NR is the host institution for Big Insight, which is a center for research-driven innovation funded by the Research Council of Norway and various industry partners, including DNB and Gjensidige. Machine learning and statistical modeling are the main research areas to solve various problems for the industry partners. For many of the problems, the research often also results in an academic article.

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