Inclusive Digital Application

The IDA Project is about the effects of accessible and universally designed IT systems for the inclusiveness of digital workplaces. The project’s vision is to reduce exclusion, in particular among employees with impairments, to prevent dropping out and part-time work, to contribute to longer working lives, and increase the individual quality of life. 

The IDA Project aims to prove that universal design of ICT can increase the inclusiveness of digital workplaces by carrying out multiple effect analyses. This implies contrasting the costs of applying particular universal-design measures to IT systems with the effects measured for the staff and diverse employees with regard to factors like technical access, user experience, user satisfaction, efficiency, and so on. 

Norwegian Computing Center contributes with expertise on accessibility and user experience, inclusive tech, user involvement and diversity. In particular, we plan to develop the appropriate methodology for the implementation of measures, user participation, carrying out trials, evaluating the trials and measuring all relevant factors. 

Name: IDA – Inclusive Digital Application

Partners: DIPS AS; The Norwegian Association of the Blind and the Partially Sighted; Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organization (NAV) Hjelpemiddelsentral Oslo

Project period: 2023 – 2026

Funding: The Research Council of Norway

Project type: Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project