Seawater covers almost 70% of the earth’s surface, and is vital for transport, food production and the climate and environment.

It is crucial that ocean resources are managed sustainably, and that our oceans are not polluted.

NR contributes by monitoring the sea with data from satellites, aircraft and drones, and with management of food resources using image analysis and statistical modeling.

Caption: A ripple in the ocean. Image: Unsplash

Ocean involves these research areas

Research topics

We work with statistical modelling of contagious diseases, biomass prediction, population estimation of wild fish and whales, as well as strategic analysis for fisheries and whaling. Our competence covers the spectrum of statistical methods, from regression techniques to Bayesian hierarchal models.

NR began its work in population estimation of minke whales around 1990. Today, we work with population estimation of various types of fish, whales and seals. Our work is in close collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research.

Current projects