Adaptive security and trust management for autonomic message-oriented middleware


  • Del av: Proceeding of IEEE Symposium on Trust, Security, and Privacy for Pervasive Applications (TSP) 2009, in conjunction with the 6th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS) 2009 (IEEE, 2009)
  • Sider: 810 – 817
  • År: 2009
  • Lenke:

With the increase in society's dependence on IT communication systems, the need for dependable, trustable, robust and secure adaptive systems becomes ever more acute. Modern autonomic message-oriented middleware platforms have stringent requirements for self-healing, adapting, evolving, fault-tolerance, security and active vulnerability assessment, especially when the internal working model of a system and the environmental influences on the system are uncertain during run-time. In this paper we present an adaptive and evolving security (AES), and an adaptive trust management (ATM) approach to such autonomic messaging middleware systems, an approach that learns, anticipates, evolves and adapts to a changing environment at run-time in the face of changing threats. The methodology used in this research is partly analytical and partly experimental. This involves analysis of how the principles of AES and ATM can be applied to the environment resulting in the development of theoretical models which are then tested in practice by prototyping