Robust, Secure, Self-Adaptive and Resilient Messaging Middleware for Business Critical Systems


Current business critical systems have stringent requirements for the significant and measurable increase in the end-to-end intelligence, security, scalability, self-adaptation and resilience. Existing state of the art messaging systems achieve arbitrary resilience by a brute-force approach. Self-healing is either rudimentary or non-existent. In this study we present a robust, secure, self-adaptive and resilient messaging middleware that provides solutions to overcome limitations in robustness, resilience, evolvability, self-adaptability, scalability, and assurance against security threats and erroneous input during run-time in the face of changing threats. This developed system supports a messaging infrastructure which enables adaptive functions and assurance against security vulnerabilities and erroneous input vulnerabilities to improve the reliability, robustness and dependability of business critical infrastructures. The methodology used in this research is partly analytical and partly experimental. We develop the core novel functionalities theoretically and validate them practically by prototyping.