GEMOM - Significant and Measurable Progress beyond the State of the Art

  • Habtamu Abie
  • Ilesh Dattani
  • Novkovic Milan
  • Bigham John
  • Topham Shaun


  • Del av: The Third International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications (ICSNC 2008) (IEEE conference proceedings, 2008)
  • Sider: 191–196
  • År: 2008
  • Lenke:

GEMOM (Genetic Message Oriented Secure Middleware) is an EU FP7 ICT project that focuses on the significant and measurable increase in the end-to-end intelligence, security and resilience of complex, distributed information systems. Complex, distributed software systems are virtually impossible to implement without heavy use of messaging infrastructure. While the existing state of the art achieves arbitrary resilience by a brute-force approach, self-healing is either rudimentary or non-existent. GEMOM, with its fluid, resilient, self-healing and adaptive messaging allows for flexible messaging solutions and offers monitoring, management and maintenance incrementally. Its adaptive security solution will learn and adapt to changing environments during run-time in the face of changing threats without sacrificing the efficiency, flexibility, reliability and security of the system. This paper describes the significant and measurable progress beyond state of the art envisioned by the GEMOM project.