What Seniors Want in a Mobile Help-on-Demand Service

  • Øystein Dale
  • Ivar Solheim
  • Till Halbach Røssvoll
  • Trenton Schulz
  • Spiru Luiza


Ambient assisted living can greatly assist seniors in pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle. MobileSage is an Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme supported project that develops a cloud enabled smartphone based help-on-demand service for seniors providing appropriate “just-in-time” assistance through an individualized adaptive and multimodal user interface. This paper details the results from a user needs analysis conducted with seniors to help determine the design of MobileSage. Six focus groups in three countries were held to illicit the information. The user input is structured under the following themes: Multimodality: Input & Output; Navigation (wayfinding); Personalization; Help material – content; Help-on-demand; and Privacy, trust and security concerns. The MobileSage system will have its first iteration of user testing late Fall 2012.