Assessment with Sensors for SpA Patients - First Iteration

  • Wolfgang Leister
  • Vebjørn Berre
  • Lars Thomas Boye
  • Nina Østerås
  • Ingvar Tjøstheim


  • Utgiver: Norsk Regnesentral
  • Serie: NR-notat (DART/03/2014)
  • År: 2014
  • Utgave: DART/03/2014
  • Antall sider: 31

This research note constitutes deliverable D1.1 of the MOSKUS project. First, we provide a short recap of assessment indices for spondyloarthritis (SpA). Then, we present a variety of sensor technologies that can be used to implement assessment tests. Besides the sensor developed by Apertus, we present built-in sensors in smartphones, location sensors, bio-physiological sensors, and camera-based sensors. This document also presents
ideas on how to implement assessment tests with the Apertus sensor and other sensor types.