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Measurable Security, Privacy and Dependability in Smart Grids

Noll, Josef; Garitano, Iñaki; Fayyad, Seraj; Åsberg, Erik; Abie, Habtamu


Tidsskrift: Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility, vol. 3, p. 371–398, fredag 3. april 2015

Utgivere: River Publishers

Utgave: 4

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 2245-1439
Elektronisk: 2245-4578


This paper presents a methodology for assessing security, privacy and dependability (SPD) of embedded systems. The methodology, developed through the European collaboration SHIELD, is applied for the smart grid network as deployed in the South of Norway. Three Smart Grid use cases are analysed in detail, being billing, home control and alarm.
The SHIELD methodology uses a Multi-Metrics approach to evaluate the system SPD level during running processes and compares it with use case goals for S, P, and D. The simplicity, applicability, and scalability of the suggested Multi-Metrics approach is demonstrated in this paper. It shows that a single configuration is not sufficient to satisfy the given goals for all use cases.

The work became part of the national ASSET initiative for security in the Internet of Things, and is financed in part by the JU ECSEL and the Research Council of Norway