Ethical Aspects of the Internet of Things in eHealth

  • Kashif Habib


While the current Internet has brought comforts in our lives, the future of the Internet that is the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to make our daily living even much easier and convenient. The IoT presents a concept of smart world around us, where things are trying to assist and benefit people. Patient monitoring outside the hospital environment is one case for the IoT in healthcare. The healthcare system can get many benefits from the IoT such as patient monitoring with chronic disease, monitoring of elderly people, and monitoring of athletes fitness. However, the comfort may bring along some worries in the form of people’s concerns such as right or wrong actions by things, unauthorised tracking, illegal monitoring, trust relationship, safety, and security. This paper presents the ethical implications of the IoT in eHealth on people and society, and more specifically discusses the ethical issues that may arise due to distinguishing characteristics of the IoT.