ASSET Project 213131 Progress Report 2015: Reporting Period 01/10/2014-30/09/2015


  • Utgiver: Norsk Regnesentral
  • Serie: NR-notat (DART/08/2015)
  • År: 2015
  • Utgave: DART/08/2015
  • Antall sider: 17

This report describes the ASSET project progress report - Reporting Period 01/10/2014-30/09/2015. It summarizes the activities and results during this reporting period. The project has met the following main challenges: assessment framework to evaluate adaptive security algorithms, lightweight encryption algorithms, Multi-Metrics approach to evaluate the security, privacy and dependability of IoT, nonlinear distributed joint source-channel coding security and fidelity, event-driven adaptive security (EDAS) model for IoT, security and risk analysis of IoT-based eHealth application, Lightweight Homomorphic Digital Signature Scheme for IoT, energy-efficient real-time human mobility state classification using smartphones, and improved use of foot force sensors and mobile phone GPS for mobility activity recognition. These promising results are glaring testimonies for the success of the ASSET project.