The Project GB-BOHEME-2014/15 -- Final Report

  • Wolfgang Leister
  • Ingvar Tjøstheim
  • Thor O. Kristoffersen
  • Till Halbach
  • Svetlana Boudko


  • Utgiver: Norsk Regnesentral
  • Serie: NR-notat (DART/09/2015)
  • År: 2015
  • Utgave: DART/09/2015
  • Antall sider: 34
  • Lenke:

This document is the final report of the GB project GB-BOHEME-2014/2015. We present a brief list of the project achievements followed by a characterisation of the tree focus
areas: open content lifecycle management, user experiences & gamification, and eHealth & welfare.We also present some thoughts on how to organise a follow-up project. Section 2
of this note presents an overview of the developed concepts and their applications areas.