Semantic Description of IoT Security for Smart Grid

  • Getinet Ayele Eshete


  • Veiledet av: Abie, Habtamu; Nytun, Jan Pettersen
  • Utgiver: University of Agder

This research work proposed, developed and evaluated IoT Security ontology for smart home energy management system (SHEMS) in smart grids. The ontology description includes infrastructure, attacks, vulnerabilities and counter measures for the main components of SHEMS such as Smart Meter, Smart Appliance, Home Gateway, and Billing data. The ontology extends the SAREF energy management ontology with security features. We have two main reasons for selecting SAREF ontology to base our work on. First, SAREF is standardized by ETSI. Second, it is specifically designed for energy management and efficiency. We checked the correctness of our ontology by running SWRL rules and SPARQL queries. Our test results showed that our ontology is useful to analyse and infer IoT security for smart home and can be extended to more complex reasoning of IoT security features.