Proof of concept demonstrator of MSG-136 for using and providing simulation as a service within NATO environments

  • Daniel Kalfass
  • Michael Bertschik
  • Stefan Vrieler
  • Jo Erskine Hannay
  • Vegard Berg Kvernelv


  • Del av: Proc. NATO Modelling and Simulation Group Symp. on M&S Technologies and Standards for Enabling Alliance Interoperability and Pervasive M&S Applications (STO-MP-MSG-149) (NATO Science and Technology Organization, 2017)

The NATO Modelling and Simulation Group MSG-136 "Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS)" targets to develop a service architecture providing rapid deployment of interoperable and credible simulation environments.
This paper presents the results of a system demonstrator which was developed by the MSG-136 TEC subgroup showing the interaction of three coupled services to simulate a land scenario. These services are:
* A CGF service (computer generated forces) providing the capability to model platforms including its sensors, weapon and communication systems as well as its behaviour.
* A SES service (synthetic environment service) providing the required virtual 3D terrain information.
MSG-136 Proof of concept demonstrator for SaaS within NATO environments
* An RPS service (route planning service) providing the capability to plan a route under complex situational factors (e.g. road / surface conditions, hostile threats, vehicle parameters etc.)
These services have been coupled through lightweight service-oriented technology and have been successfully deployed in a demonstrator environment in order to simulate a tank convoy scenario in a threatening environment. The demonstrator provides a proof of concept for a lightweight and stateless service-based simulation environment which may be extended and hosted on a NATO cloud.