Faglig foredrag   2020

Abie, Habtamu



ECSCI-European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures


FULLTEKST: www.finsec-project.eu/ecsci-presentations
OMTALE: www.finsec-project.eu/ecsci-virtual-workshop
PROSJEKT: ECSCI Cluster: www.finsec-project.eu/ecsci

The European Cluster for Securing Critical infrastructures (ECSCI) is a cluster of H2020 projects for securing critical infrastructures. Its main objective is to bring about synergetic, emerging disruptive solutions to security issues via cross-projects collaboration and innovation. The cluster will research how to protect critical infrastructures and services, highlighting differences (approaches, sectors of interest, etc.) between the clustered projects and establishing tight and productive connections with closely related and complementary H2020 projects. The presentation highlights the ECSCI liaison plan, specific objectives, cluster members, success stories, and takeaways.