Smart Fisheries in Norway: Partnership between Science, Technology, and the Fishing Sector

  • Nils Olav Handegard
  • Tonny Algrøy
  • Line Eikvil
  • Hege Hammersland
  • Maria Tenningen


The Research Council of Norway recently
funded the Centre for Research-based
Innovation in Marine Acoustic Abundance
Estimation and Backscatter Classification
(CRIMAC). The centre has smart fisheries as
one of its main pillars, and will address reliable
catch quantification, sizing, and species
identification of individual fish. It builds on a
long tradition of science-industry partnership
in Norway. In this essay, we review how this
science-industry partnership has formed
through long standing collaborations between
marine science organizations, innovative
fishing companies, and the marine-tech
industry. The results from this collaboration
have led to instruments and methods being
used worldwide for smart fishing operations
and monitoring the marine environment