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A clinically motivated self-supervised approach for content-based image retrieval of CT liver images

Wickstrøm, Kristoffer; Østmo, Eirik Agnalt; Radiya, Keyur; Mikalsen, Karl Øyvind; Kampffmeyer, Michael C; Jenssen, Robert


Tidsskrift: Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, vol. 107, p. 1–12–0, 2023

Utgivere: Pergamon Press

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0895-6111
Elektronisk: 1879-0771


Deep learning-based approaches for content-based image retrieval (CBIR) of computed tomography (CT) liver images is an active field of research but suffer from some critical limitations. First,they are heavily reliant on labelled data, which can be challenging and costly to acquire. Second, they lack transparency and explainability, which limits the trustworthiness of deep CBIR systems. We address these limitations by: (1) Proposing a self-supervised learning framework that incorporates domain-knowledge into the training procedure, and (2) by providing the first representation learning explainability analysis in the context of CBIR of CT liver images. Results demonstrate improved performance compared to the standard self-supervised approach across several metrics, as well as improved generalization across datasets. Further, we conduct the first representation learning explainability analysis in the context of CBIR, which reveals new insights into the feature extraction process. Lastly, we perform a case study with cross-examination CBIR that demonstrates the usability of our proposed framework. We believe that our proposed framework could play a vital role in creating trustworthy deep CBIR systems that can successfully take advantage of unlabeled data.