Vs30 and depth to bedrock estimates from integrating HVSR measurements and geology-slope approach in the Oslo area, Norway

  • Federica Ghione
  • Andreas Köhler
  • Anna Maria Dichiarante
  • Ingrid Aarnes
  • Volker Oye


This work shows an alternative and efficient method to estimate Vs30 values and depth to basement data. The Vs30 value is the most important attribute to characterize the soil type and subsequently account for soil type related seismic amplification. We believe that these tools offer a powerful, non-invasive and cost-effective solution for obtaining accurate estimations of depth to basement.

This approach is providing valuable information for seismic hazard assessments, geotechnical investigations and engineering design, as it can help estimate the amplification of ground motions during earthquakes, which is dependent on the soil properties and depth to bedrock. Overall, this study highlights the importance of understanding the geological and geotechnical characteristics of an area in order to accurately assess the seismic hazard and potential impacts of earthquakes. Those results can be used in earthquake hazard models and support decision-making processes related to land use planning, building codes, and emergency preparedness measures in earthquake-prone regions.