Privacy-preserving continuous authentication using behavioral biometrics

  • Ahmed Fraz Baig
  • Sigurd Eskeland
  • Bian Yang


Continuous authentication modalities collect and utilize users’ sensitive data to authenticate them continuously. Such data contain information about user activities, behaviors, and other demographic information, which causes privacy concerns. In this paper, we propose two privacy-preserving protocols that enable continuous authentication while preventing the disclosure of user-sensitive information to an authentication server. We utilize homomorphic cryptographic primitives that protect the privacy of biometric features with an oblivious transfer protocol that enables privacy-preserving information retrieval. We performed the biometric evaluation of the proposed protocols on two datasets, a swipe gesture dataset and a keystroke dynamics dataset. The biometric evaluation shows that the protocols have very good performance. The execution time of the protocols is measured by considering continuous authentication using: only swipe gestures, keystroke dynamics, and hybrid modalities. The execution time proves the protocols are very efficient, even on high-security levels.