Rapport   2010

Leister, Wolfgang; Bjørk, Joakim; Schlatte, Rudolf; Griesmayer, Andreas



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NR-rapport nr 1024

Antall sider: 23

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Trykt: 978-82-539-0534-1


FULLTEKST: http://publications.nr.no/NR-Report-1024.pdf
FULLTEKST: http://publications.nr.no/5232/Leister_-_Validation_of_Creol_Models_for_Routing_Algorithms.pdf

We validate a Creol model of AODV by evaluating functional properties using simulation and component testing. We define a structure for evaluating and validating models of wireless sensor networks, which we intend to use as a reference for future evaluations of algorithms.We use the categories of techniques, perspectives, arrangements and properties to structure the evaluation work. We show, by way of the AODV algorithm, how network simulations and component testing can be employed to evaluate a large list of properties. We also show which properties are most suited to be evaluated by which technique, perspective, and arrangement.