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Risk-Based Adaptive Security for Smart IoT in eHealth

Abie, Habtamu; Balasingham, Ilangko


Del av: BODYNETS 2012 - 7th International Conference on Body Area Networks (ICST - Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, 2012)

Sider: 269–275–7

År: 2012

År: 2012


Emerging Internet of Things (IoTs) technologies provide many benefits to the improvement of eHealth. The successful deployment of IoTs depends on ensuring security and privacy that need to adapt to their processing capabilities and resource use. IoTs are vulnerable to attacks since communications are mostly wireless, unattended things are usually vulnerable to physical attacks, and most IoT components are constrained by energy, communications, and computation capabilities necessary for the implementation of complex security-supporting schemes. This paper describes a risk-based adaptive security framework for IoTs in eHealth that will estimate and predict risk damages and future benefits using game theory and context-awareness techniques. The paper also describes the validation case study.