Estimation of gross rock volume of filled geological structures with uncertainty measures


  • Journal: SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering, vol. 3, p. 304–309, Saturday 1. January 2000
  • Utgiver: Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Internasjonale standardnumre:
    • Trykt: 1094-6470
    • Elektronisk: 1930-0212
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The gross rock volume of a filled structure is uncertain because of uncertainty in the determination of caprock depth and the uncertainty in depth to the hydrocarbon contact determined by the spill point of the caprock. Ignoring this uncertainty might lead to biased volume estimates. This paper reports two procedures to assist with assessing this uncertainty to obtain better estimates. The first is to use conditional simulation techniques to generate realizations of the depth to the caprock. The second procedure is a new fast algorithm that determines the location of the spill point and trapped area of each caprock realization. Taken together, the two procedures determine the thickness and lateral extension of each reservoir realization. Finally, gross rock volume for each realization can be calculated and the volumetric uncertainty can be quantified in terms of expectation, histograms, percentiles, etc., for the whole set of realizations. A synthetic example and an example from the North Sea illustrate the use of these procedures. A method for including knowledge of the spill-point depth for improving depth maps is also presented.