Rapport   2012

Busch, Marc; Susen, Döbelt; Christina, Hochleitner; Wolkerstorfer, Peter; Schulz, Trenton; Fuglerud, Kristin Skeide; Tjøstheim, Ingvar; Pürzel, Franziska; Wittstock, Eckhart; Dumortier, Jos; Vandezande, Niels



CURE - Center for Usability Research & Engineering

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FULLTEKST: http://www.utrustit.eu/uploads/media/utrustit/uTRUSTit_D6.2-Evaluation_Report_final.pdf

This deliverable provides the results of the first evaluation phase of the uTRUSTit project that took place using an immersive virtual environment. Subject of the evaluation was the so-called Trust Feedback Toolkit (TFT) and the accordingly developed interaction prototypes.
The document focuses on methodological issues when evaluating a prototype, research questions that lead to methods that were used in the evaluations, the results and the conclusions that can be drawn out of the results. It gives clear implications on the further development of the uTRUSTit project, especially on the research method (with a focus on the usage of Virtual Reality as a research method), research on Trust in the Internet of Things, Interaction and Interface design of the TFT and the implementation of legal requirements in the TFT.