uTRUSTit Deliverable D6.4 Virtual Reality and Real World Comparison Report

  • Marc Busch
  • Christina Hochleitner
  • Peter Wolkerstorfer
  • Trenton Schulz
  • Franziska Pürzel


This deliverable contains the results of a comparison of the second evaluation phase of the uTRUSTit project that was conducted in a laboratory (real setting at CURE), in a model smart home (real setting at NRS) and in an immersive virtual environment (virtual setting at TUC). Subject of the evaluation was the Trust Feedback Toolkit (TFT) and the interaction prototypes in a user evaluation on usability and user experience. Real and virtual settings are compared in terms of presence (feeling of “being there”) by the participants and in terms of the influence of presence on the dependent variables trust and usability of the TFT. This deliverable shows that results of studies in real and virtual environments can be compared, but the level of users’ reported presence must be taken into account when interpreting the results.